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 Your dog will have a blast at The Lucky Dog Ranch – meeting new friends, and experiencing new things, all that fun and  excitement, however, can come with a few downside risks:


 Tiredness: With everything so new and exciting, your dog won’t sleep as much as he does at home – especially during the day.  By  the time he comes home, your pooch might be pooped – sleepy and lazy for several days (if your pup has been boarding)  while  he catches up on his zzzz’s. Do not be alarmed. After several days, his energy should be back to normal.


 Bumps, Bruises and Boo Boo’s: It’s a play yard out there, and dog play is a contact sport! Most dogs spend their days at The  Lucky Dog Ranch running, jumping and wrestling and – like on a school play yard – stuff can happen. Even under supervision and  the best of circumstances, injuries can occur. Most will be minor, but occasionally some will be more significant – even requiring  veterinary attention. Running in our huge, play yards can also dry and crack pads. In other words, bumps, nicks and boo-boos are  not uncommon in an active boarding environment, but most are proof that your dog had a really great time!


 Eye Irritation: When city dogs come to stay with us, sometimes our air makes their eyes water! Dust from dog-play in the yard  – can contribute to occasional eye allergies. If you notice white-ish discharge in your dog’s eyes after coming home, just give us  a call. We’ll tell you how to clear your pup up pronto!


 Risk of Bloat or Torsion: The causes of life-threatening bloat (stomach filling with air) or torsion (twisted stomach) are not  clearly understood, and they can happen anytime, anywhere – at home or away. Careful monitoring during playtime is the best  way to intercept and address these rare but serious conditions. Your dog will be overseen by our staff during normal business,  but please note that while we humans are sleeping with the dogs they are not monitored overnight.


 Viruses: COLDS HAPPEN. Like kids at a preschool, dogs share everything while boarding and daycaring – including colds and  assorted viruses. Luckily, there are vaccinations to help protect against the worst kinds of cold-causing bacteria, but your  vaccines will NOT protect against the many viruses that also cause sniffles and coughs. For older dogs as well as the very young  or those with other health conditions, risks from upper respiratory disease can be greater.  At The Lucky Dog Ranch, we require  that ALL dogs staying with us be current in both Bordetella and parainfluenza vaccinations, so that we can maintain the highest  protection level and the lowest possible odds of a Bordetella or parainfluenza incident. Most other dog colds and even some skin  conditions, however, are caused by viruses with no known vaccines to prevent them. Our best preventive at The Lucky Dog Ranch  is keeping dogs clean, warm, rested and well-fed. If your dog does come down with a cold or skin condition, either while here or  after coming home, odds are its minor and will quickly pass. If your dog is old, young or otherwise compromised, however, vet  attention may be advised.

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